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Top 10 Undergraduate Scholarships for International Students in the UK

Selecting a university that provides undergraduate scholarships can be a crucial factor in your decision-making process, especially if you're unsure about which course to apply for. It’s essential to investigate whether the university you’re considering offers any scholarships. Generally, UK universities provide scholarships for international undergraduate students, primarily based on academic excellence or exceptional achievements, particularly in sports.

While most scholarships may not cover your entire tuition fees, they can significantly ease your financial burden. For instance, the University of Nottingham offers scholarships that cover full tuition fees.

University of Nottingham The University of Nottingham provides a wide range of scholarships across various courses and faculties. Their new regional excellence awards contribute towards tuition fees in the first year and are available for high-achieving students who plan to leverage their degrees in their careers. Additionally, there are sport scholarships for successful athletes.

University College London University College London (UCL) offers a scholarship finder tool, providing numerous options for international students. You can use filters such as your country of origin, degree type, and course to simplify your search and explore the possibilities in detail.

University of Sheffield The University of Sheffield offers scholarships ranging from £2,000 to £2,500 to international students, depending on their course. They also provide 50 scholarships covering 50% of tuition fees for each year of undergraduate study, subject to maintaining a 60% average. For more information, visit their country-specific pages.

University of Brighton The University of Brighton awards international scholarships primarily based on merit, including academic performance and outstanding achievements in various fields. The strongest candidates exhibit a blend of academic merit and notable accomplishments in their specific areas of activity.

University of Manchester The University of Manchester offers a diverse array of scholarships and bursaries, including subject-specific awards for international students in particular courses or disciplines. Additionally, there are travel awards and other funding options. Visit their website to discover the scholarships applicable to you.

Warwick University Warwick University provides scholarships for international students from all countries outside the UK and EU. Scholarships are often listed by country of origin, so it’s beneficial to filter by your country to see what’s available for undergraduate students from your region.

Durham University Durham University offers the International Excellence Scholarship, worth £2000 for the first year, to international students demonstrating outstanding academic ability. Students enrolled in a Bachelor's or Master’s level Mathematics and Statistics degree are automatically considered; others must apply for the scholarship.

University of Edinburgh The University of Edinburgh offers three types of undergraduate scholarships for international students: the Edinburgh Global Undergraduate Mathematics Scholarships for Math students, Robertson International Scholarships for History, Classics, and Archaeology students, and the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies International Scholarship for Veterinary students. They also provide an emergency Hardship Fund for non-UK students facing unexpected financial difficulties.

University of Westminster The University of Westminster in London offers two main undergraduate scholarships: the Westminster Undergraduate High Achiever Awards and the Westminster Undergraduate Full Scholarships. Additionally, their website features a scholarship finder tool to help explore all available options and check eligibility for joint or external scholarships.

University of Leicester The University of Leicester provides several scholarships for non-EU undergraduate students, including The President’s Undergraduate Scholarship Scheme and the College of Science and Engineering Undergraduate Scholarship Scheme. They also offer bursaries and discounts for specific courses or family members of current or former students, providing financial relief if you have a sibling studying at Leicester.

Many other UK universities offer undergraduate scholarships. For a more comprehensive list, visit the website. Remember to be thorough in your search, apply for all scholarships you are eligible for, and meticulously prepare your applications. Good luck!


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